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Tim is finishing his last grad class this week! Hallelujah and PTL, because this week has nearly killed me several times and it technically isn’t over (for me) until Sunday afternoon. Good riddance and don’t let the door hit you on the way out, grad school.


Well, here are some bright spots in our week-

Evie used the toilet!!!

Toilet training


I wish. We haven’t gone “all in” to the training part, but her diapers have not been fully retaining their contents lately, which means sizing up, which means the biggest size Costco has to offer- how are we there already? So, in a fit of desperation, I decided I needed to start the process.


It took over an hour in the bathroom and many Sesame Street videos- my iPod touch was juuust about to succumb to battery death- when success was reached in the W.C.!

Audrey was not 100% in love with the attention Evie was getting, though, not to mention the fact that Evie was sitting on a throne. ;) I can see trying to keep her distracted while training Evie will be a challenge in the days (months? years?) to come…


Somehow one evening while I was making dinner Evie ended up in her chair with her new package of “princess underpants”. Every time I glanced over at her she was very seriously examining and then sorting them:




Stacking, sorting, and organizing- a girl after my own heart. :)


One thing I am thankful for this week: strong china that doesn’t even chip when the 1 yo grabs the supposed-to-be-out-of-reach bowl of strawberries and slings it to the floor:



And this isn’t a quick take, but it’s been over a month since Audrey’s birthday and I never posted anything about her party. The thing is, we got together with my dad’s side of the family on the actual day as our “Christmas get-together”, and I felt awkward throwing a 1st Birthday party into the mix, so her “party” consisted of a store-bought cake and a few balloons. :( After putting together parties for Evie’s first and second birthdays, I felt so sorry that Audrey got jilted. I know, I know, everything is different for the first-born, and Audrey won’t remember but I can’t help feeling badly.

Anyway, here are some pictures from Audrey’s birthday to lessen my guilt:



Lunch w/ the fam.


The girls love my dad’s Nativity scene. :)


Evie left her mark on the cake.


I love that cake face!


Phew- sorry so long! Be sure to visit Jen’s for many more (shorter!) takes!