A few years ago our little family, along with Tim’s sister, her husband, and baby, were making our way along a long, windy, often-times bumpy road on Maui, guided by a “tour CD” which indicated any and all interesting sites and places to stop. One of the places was the Coral Miracle Church, located off a little rural road. The story of the miracle church goes something like this:

In the 1860s the local people, in an effort to help Catholic priests build a church, began gathering coral stones from the ocean. “The coral was in deep water, and hauling the heavy chunks to shore was perilous and exhausting work. As the legend holds, one night a terrific storm whipped up on the coast and battered Wailua. In the morning, the villagers found that the surf during the storm had carried more coral onto shore than was needed for the church. After all of the coral was collected for the church, another storm hit the village and washed the surplus coral back into the sea.” David Heinzmann

I love that story!

When we pulled up the only church in sight was the “newer” St. Gabriels:

DSC_0076 DSC_0078

But at the end of an unassuming little path behind this church we found the older St. Gabriels- the Coral Miracle Church:



Here are some beautiful views from the simple church windows:DSC_0084 DSC_0085

And from higher ground, a view of the two churches waayyy down below:DSC_0090

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