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The more than $10 bathroom soap dispenser we registered for for our wedding broke within weeks (maybe days?) of using it- the nozzle came right off. I was able to jiggle it precariously back into place, but since the bottom had recently begun leaving rust circle marks on our sink we decided to toss it. Why the drama post about soap dispensers? Well, we’ve been using the plastic dispensers from the store and re-using them, which I’m just not a fan of. So when I spotted this dispenser while browsing Uncommon Goods I had serious thoughts about purchasing it:

soap dispenser

No snap-off nozzle! Or rust-rings!!

Still, $36 for a stone is a little much, and I think I’d like something in between a rock and a plastic bottle.


 I also saw this “Good Sponge, Evil Sponge Holder” on their site and it just spoke my language. What a genius creation!


A place for every sponge.


A couple of weeks ago I was browsing one of my Pinterest boards and came across this photo:

baby in mirror

I’d love to recreate it with Audrey, but we don’t have a full-length mirror, much less the many flying pigs it would take to line up everything for a shot like that.


BUT it got me thinking that Audrey’s hair might be long enough for cute pigtails:



She now has another ‘do option besides the whale spout. :)


Totally random, but do you ever compose blog posts in your head when you’re doing various tasks? Several times I’ve thought up near entire posts in my head while doing the dishes or laundry (of course they seem so coherent and well thought out) but the timing could not be worse to actually put those thoughts in writing. There’s usually a child clawing at my legs wanting to be picked up or another handing a book to my face requesting my literacy skills be put to use statim. There is just no earthly way for me to jot down those (probably fluffy and saccharine) thoughts/ ideas.

…And somehow life goes on. ;)


How was your Valentine’s Day?

My mom graciously watched our girls so Tim and I could go out to lunch. We went to our favorite Greek restaurant and every bite tasted so delicious!

We also each bought the other a card and never got around to filling them out- this makes me laugh a bit as I have a shoe box full of cards/ postcards Tim sent me during the time we were dating and engaged. I treasured and looked forward to every single one of those, and I still truly appreciate receiving cards from him but now that we’re in the thick of parenthood and adulthood acts of service sure do go a long way (to me!).


I think my favorite part of Valentine’s Day, though, was in the late afternoon when Evie and I tromped out in the snow together. She supervised while I built a snowman, I showed her how to make snow angels, and we went on a couple of sled runs. As I was pulling her in the sled back up our “hill” she smiled and said, “Dis is a treat”.

That made my day (hand clapped over heart).

Have a good weekend, and be sure to stop by Jen’s for ever quicker takes!