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We received a dusting of snow two nights ago to top off the many, many inches we received last week. Then today the mercury read 63, which I am not at all complaining about, except for that teeny tiny by-product of all this weather madness- mud and sludge and puddles galore. I expect this will be me for the next several weeks:

DSC_7361I detest when the ground (still not covered in snow) becomes one big slime fest and you know it will not be drying out any time soon! Therefore, I’ve been retreating to my Pinterest boards in an effort to dose myself with some virtual Vitamin D. Join me, won’t you? I need to surround myself with things that are warm, blooming, outdoorsy- something that is not covered in snow.

Like open windows and billowing curtains…

Billowy curtains

Bari bull run bluebell trail

Fresh squeezed lemonade? I’ll take a pitcher.

lemonade Garden roses Picnic Robert Doisneau

Field of flowers

Outdoor coffee and pastry would be amazing, thanks.

Outdoor coffee and pastry...

And I will never say no to sun and sand with an endless ocean.

Getaway You know, I used to think people were crazy for using precious vacation time in the winter. I was all about taking a long break in the summer, but now I most certainly understand.

Here’s hoping spring is on its way to your corner of the world (only if you wish ;) )!