Jumping aboard the name train today to join in the link up fun over at Team Whitaker! I do enjoy talking with others about their favorite names and sharing mine, so here’s the (not very brief) lowdown on our daughter’s names.


When we first found out we were pregnant I began making a list of names Tim and I both liked. We were trying to think of names that weren’t super popular but still traditional, and Evangeline was one we both happened to like but I was hesitant to go ahead and say, “This is it”, since it’s not a name you hear often or at all! I love the name Grace, but a family member had expressed how much they wanted it for a future child’s first name so we decided we’d use it as a middle name. Once we found out we were having a girl we began crossing names off our list until it was just Evangeline Grace and Juliana Rose. We were both leaning more towards Evangeline and eventually decided that was the one!

One thing I’m sure most people realize when coming up with names is how opinionated family members or strangers can be! One time I was at another clinic for the company I work for to take a preceptor class. During a break I was talking with a nurse from yet another clinic and she asked what we were going to name our baby. When I told her she exclaimed (not exaggerating here), “CHANGE IT! Don’t name her that! Change it! You can’t name her that!!”. This went on and on for a another minute (in the middle of Fudruckers!) while I stood there speechless.

Then she conceded, “Well maybe I don’t like it because of how it sounds in my language.” (she was from Columbia). Pretty much one of the most awkward and awful encounters I’ve ever had. After that I was adamant that we would never, ever share future baby names ahead of time!

Also, when had the ultrasound to find out the gender, the doctor either asked what names we were considering or we mentioned them to him. Either way, he made a funny face when we mentioned “Evangeline” and said, “Pick Juliana.” We just laughed and Tim told him if he was the one to deliver the baby (there are 2 other docs in the practice), then we’d name her Juliana. Well, he ended up delivering her! I don’t think he remembered Tim’s statement, though, and by that time we were set on Evangeline. :)

I do feel for future Evie when she has to learn to spell her full name or pronounce it for strangers (I’ve gotten “Evan-angeline?”,”Even-geLIne?”, and blank stares), but she won’t be little forever and at least her middle and last names are easy. :) It is so cute to hear her say her full name though, “Ann-gine Gace Mar!”.

Oh! And in case you’re curious we celebrate St. John the Evangelist and Our Lady of Grace as her patron saints.


I think way back in high school I decided that if I ever had a daughter born in December I’d like to use Noelle for her middle name. Well, when we found out we were expecting a girl due right before Christmas I asked Tim what he thought of the name and was really surprised he liked it (alright, I was surprised from the get-go that he had so many opinions on names, period. ;) ). I did wonder at times if Noelle for a December baby was cheesy or expected but more and more we decided we really liked it. Audrey was a name I’ve always liked, too, but for some reason never thought we’d choose. Nevertheless, we added it to our list and (same as before) trimmed the options down to Audrey Noelle or Juliana Rose. One day late in the pregnancy Tim said, “Hon, I just think this baby is an Audrey.”, and that was that!

A family friend whose daughter was born on Christmas Eve said they do something to celebrate her actual birthday, and also have a celebration on her half-birthday. I thought that was really neat and would like to do something similar for Audrey (Dec. 28th birthday). The awesome thing is the feast day of St. Audrey (St. Ethelreda) is in late June, so it’s perfect timing!

*Just as a bonus, I rooted both times for Teresita as a middle name- after my Confirmation saint Ven. Teresita (Maria Teresa Gonzalez Quevedo) but Tim is not a fan. Boo. Can’t win ’em all, I guess. :)

Thank you, Kathryn, for hosting the link up! Head over to Team Whitaker for more name stories.