To me at least. :)

We received another large snowfall yesterday (again. oldest news ever.) and the temps dipped below zero last night, but today someone from the county came and plowed not only our pseudo-road BUT also our driveway! Behold:


Further to the right is the opening to the main road, and every time it has snowed this year there’s a wall of snow there from the plows. With our last large snow our kind neighbors shoveled an opening for the several residents who access the main road that way (have I mentioned how ecstatic I will be when this ridiculous road construction project is finished?).

This morning I was even more excited for a clear exit as I was able to go to the 50% off day at a local kid’s consignment sale. Since it was canceled yesterday it was much less picked over than I expected! Woot!


Now for the feast before we fast!