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Well, we made it home from Ecuador sometime after 3 this morning! The trip back was one of my least favorites ever, so I am very glad it is in the past, but our trip overall was wonderful. I hope to post about it sometime in the next week…and it might be just a little picture heavy so be forewarned!


I truly enjoy traveling to other countries and experiencing other cultures BUT I’ll be the first to admit that after some of the absurdity we went through with foreign airports, security, etc. I was most definitely that annoying, disgruntled traveler who ended every complaint (mainly endured by Tim) with, “in the USA this would not happen!”. Oh, it is good to be back in the states. :)

"There's no place like home"


Since spring is (hopefully) around the corner I’ve been looking around for some blousy/ loose-fitting tops, like this one I saw on Pinterest (thanks to Emily!):

Cute Stitch Fix top.



I brought this one from Old Navy right before our trip, not sure if I would like the collar, but it ended up being my favorite top that I packed.

Women's Linen-Blend Pull-Overs

Several of the reviewers stated the material (linen + cotton) was scratchy and I agree that it definitely isn’t soft, but I actually liked that it wasn’t super relaxed and flowy.

*FYI, Old Navy is running a 30% off sale online this w/e (make sure to read the restrictions).


Speaking of Old Navy, have you read Laura’s latest review? It is some good stuff (as always!).


Hmm, I need a filler. How about a cute picture from last week? Evie and two of her cousins were taking a ride at El Ejido park in Quito. Isn’t that a fun little ride?

photo 2


And finally, if you watch anything this week please watch this beautiful video just released by Focus on the Family about a father who gave up his life to save his son. The interviews with the family are moving and heart-wrenching, so you might need a tissue handy.


That is all. Have a good weekend, and be sure to head over to Jen’s to join the other quick takers!