Technology, I love how far you’ve come but sometimes you complicate my life too much.

I recently joined the ranks of the smartphone users of the world since Tim convinced me it would be cheaper to be on this new-fangled plan he found. Now, I am all about being well-informed about things that pertain to, well, my life, but I honestly have barely a clue as to how this plan works. Something about cellphone service through Wi-Fi and 4G networks when Wi-Fi isn’t available? All I know is that several times I’ve tried to make calls or send texts and the blasted thing tells me I have no service. Tim has worked with it, called customer service several times, and still the problems persist. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve wished for my low-maintenance phone back.


I’d even take this phone…any phone that works!

Let me get to the point of this rant.

A few weeks ago Tim was working for what felt like the millionth Saturday in a row. With his job he makes his own hours but a lot depends on when his clients can meet with him- sometimes I am super grateful for said (non?) schedule but mostly I greatly wish he had a typical work week. That particular Saturday he expected to be home around 2:30, which doesn’t sound too awful, but that day the hours were dragging something awful and my attitude was definitely not helping to build a fun, cheerful day for the girls and I. What can I say? After five days straight of morning routine, meal clean-up, naps, baths, etc. I was more than ready for a helping hand with the girls and possibly some any kind of weekend outing.

I expected times like this - but I never thought they'd be so bad, so long, and so frequent.


Well the girls and I made it outside that afternoon, enjoying a new container of bubbles until the entire contents were accidentally upset about 2 minutes in, which left me scrambling to come up with another activity stat. Evie likes to have “mama do it” for everything- drawing with chalk, pushing her in her car or tricycle- which is totally fine except that Audrey’s non-ambulatory state means I can’t really put her down (our yard is not conducive to crawling). So our outside time was quickly becoming anything but easy for me…and 2:30pm came and went without any sign of Tim (already raised frustration levels began rapidly growing). Finally I herded the girls back inside for a much-needed bath knowing that would help pass the time.



By a little before 4pm, I’d had no word from Tim and knew I was not in the mindset to charitably ask where he was via phone call and, oh, every time I tried to send a text my phone alerted me that I was not connected to the internet…and the internet on my phone was working fine. I truly considered tossing my phone in the toilet at that point, and when Tim walked through the door around four I think steam was probably billowing from my ears. He delicately asked if I had received any of his messages to which I coldly replied that no I had not. He then told me he had just spent the last six hours sitting in the parking lot of a remote town due to a dead car battery and had called and texted me several times, but every time a recording said my number was unavailable (also, we don’t have a land-line). A rush of emotions overcame me at that point- sympathy for his plight, rage towards my dag-blamed phone service (no calls or texts to or from!), and regret for all the resentment I allowed to seep into my thoughts and self-pity I wallowed in all day. And all we needed was some communication! (And an attitude adjustment on my end.) Major technology fail.

Seriously, sometimes I wish we were back in the payphone age.

And just to fill you in, his car was fixed, I apologized, and my phone now works to communicate with the outside world most of the time. :)