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Right now we’re gearing up to put our house on the market. When we moved here a little less than two years ago I was all set to dig my heels into the ground and stay here at least five years (too many moves in too little time), but after thinking about it and talking it over for the last several months Tim and I feel now is the time for us to bid adieu to our first real home. I am truly grateful God provided us with this place and it will be bittersweet to say goodbye. We’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (mine) into this abode but the bottom line is: we need more space.


Some funny-ish things about moving…

I thought I was so careful about keeping scissors and permanent markers out of reach of little hands but…


Evie (proudly): “It’s a black ‘I’!”

Thankfully Tim was right there to rescue the Sharpie from the eager artist. This absolutely pales in comparison to Stephanie’s experience!


Packing with little kids. I told Tim it’s like I’m taking crazy pills! I packed up all the winter gear and then later saw Evie prancing around wearing a winter hat. The girls love to swarm around the half-full boxes and empty them of their contents and spread the packing supplies hither thither and yon. Oh, and climb onto the boxes. There have been several instances when I’ve thrown things in the trash only to find the rejected object later, resurrected from the trashcan.  I try to make myself see the funny or else I be goin’ crazy. At least unpacking should be a breeze?



We have a contractor working on a lot of projects inside the house and out. One big job is replacing the light fixture, mirror, and sink in our half bath.

I think I’ve used the half bath less than 10 times since we’ve moved here. It has an odd smell, the fixtures give it the aura of a gas station bathroom circa 1970, and the cobwebs hanging from the ancient fan give me the willies. Every time I use it I’m afraid some huge arachnid is going to crawl out of it and get me! So now that we’re leaving, the bathroom is finally being introduced into the 21st century. C’est la vie.

Here’s a glimpse:

I’ll try to post more pictures of the updates later; it’s not as exciting as seeing DIY project reveals but I always like “before and after” shots. :) (Here are some from our first move.)

Now back to packing…