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This past Saturday our Knights of Columbus council hosted a breakfast with the Easter bunny for council families. Tim was working so I asked my mom and sister to come with us. It was such a cute set-up and the girls had a lot of fun with the egg hunt. :)

DSC_8243 DSC_8247

Every time I looked at the bunny costume it reminded me of Sammy Dwayne Desoto at the end of Steel Magnolias. Bunny

Naturally the candy was a big hit. :)DSC_8261


Evie has recently started to really enjoy coloring books and pages. After a quick search on Pinterest I found some simple, free Lenten printables, so in case you’re interested here are two of the links (I like how these aren’t super detailed and seem better suited for younger kids):

Five Lent coloring pages

Lent Activities for Children


Simcha’s Confessions from the Confession Line post had me laughing, especially her line, “I love my parish. But oh lord, I hate going to confession there.” Yes. I think the last time I went to confession at my parish was a little over two years ago because of the lines- not disorganized, long! And I know that should be a good thing that confession lines are so long, right? But waiting over an hour to confess just adds to what I have to confess- flawed, flawed human right here. Thankfully not too far away from us there’s a little parish in the woods that hardly ever has much of a line for confession. It is such a peaceful setting and I love going there for confession. 

The last time I was there I saw something so special. While perusing a bulletin board in the vestibule I noticed a flyer for a religious order in NY and right smack in the middle was a photo of one of my co-workers from the hospital in CA. You see, my second year working at that hospital she left to pursue her vocation with this particular order. I often wondered how she was doing and it was such a blessing to see a picture of her in her habit; she looked so joyful and happy. Such a small world but a very big God!



These are my two favorite nail polish colors of the moment (all ears to hear yours!)- these might be fun if you’re looking for something to give to someone to put in your Easter basket ;) . [L-my better half, R- ballet slippers]

Hope you all have a blessed Holy Week!