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Joining in Grace’s tuneful link up for some wedding dance song sharing. I love hearing about people’s wedding details and first dance songs are no exception! Bring on the stories.

When we were dating Tim and I never exactly had a song that was ours, although we both liked Ingrid Michaelson’s (then) recently released “The Way I Am”, and kinda felt it was “us”. So after THE question was popped and the wedding planning commenced we talked about what song we’d like for our first dance. I think I was the one who brought up the possibility of “La Vie en Rose” by Louis Armstrong- don’t laugh but I first heard it on Wall-E about a year before and immediately liked it :). I thought it was sweet and a little bit quirky with the jazz trumpet.


Tim agreed it should be played for our first dance so we had the music bit figured out…but that left the dancing part. My dancing repertoire consisted of some bare-bones swing moves I learned in high school and the universal “sway back and forth” slow dancing. And Tim, well, he was homeschooled in high school so I don’t think he ever attended any dances and then he went on to the seminary for college where I know he never attended any dances, so suffice it to say we were in need of  instruction.


Yep. We signed up for dance lessons before the wedding and pretty much wowed all our wedding guests with our smooth moves. ;) Okay, not at all but our instructor taught us several steps and showed us how to work them together for our shining moment on the dance floor. It was a fun experience and we even learned a fancy schmancy dip for the end. I don’t think it took more than a few months for both of us to forget all the steps we learned, though; it’s a good thing we only had to have a first dance once!