Walking around the house holding Audrey’s cup:
“Audrey! Come here! Where your cup is?”
We is learning Evie grammar real good. 


During one of her favorite pastimes:
“E-V-I-E! That spells ‘Evie brushing her teeth!'”

Examining the sticker on Audrey’s booster seat:
“W-A-R-N-N-G”… that spells ‘Audrey’s seat!'”


Calmly playing with her Duplos:
“Evie SO fwustwated!”

After I told her Tim had to leave for his night class:
“Oh, Dada going to ballet cwass wif Miss Cynthia.”

Squeezing past the vacuum:
“Es-cuse me back-cuum.”



After waking up from a nap:
“I’m SO dis-pointed.”
Me: “Why are you disappointed?”
“Because I’m sad!”

Coming into our room first thing in the morning and admiring some of the staged decor:
“Oh, I wuv that wamp. And that tree is SO wuv-wy!”


Cute discovery of her “picture” on the wall.

Holding her St. Teresa picture book:
“I wuv you, Saint Teresa. I wuv you!”

After I asked her what we should name the new baby:
“Pink Sister.”

Baby #3 is due in late September, and we’ll see in a couple of weeks if ‘Pink Sister’ will be a gender appropriate name or not. :)

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