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Heavy rains deluged our area earlier this week, so much so that I figured all the spring blooms would be washed away (along with our roads). Well, I’ve been keeping an eye on a small patch of Lily of the Valley that grows in our side yard and just noticed some blooms yesterday- just in time for May Day and in spite of all the crazy thunderstorms!



Have you heard of Mystic Monk Coffee? My family got me hooked on one of their special blends (Pascha Java) and I am in love. It’s only available during Eastertime and the Christmas season, though, so stocking up is essential.


Early mornings are a smidge easier to handle knowing a heavenly brew awaits.



Another favorite this Easter:


All of this in one bag? How do they know me so well?

Trader Joe’s never fails to disappoint.


Our house has been on the market one week today. Selling a home is obviously no walk in the park, but I thought the hardest part of all of this would be: 1. keeping the house ready to show, and 2. dealing with disrupted schedules, and that’s not what I’m finding. All the work we put into getting our house in great shape to sell combined with the enthusiasm of our Realtor put me in the mindset that this would be a quick sell. I know a week on the market is not long at all, but we’ve only had a few showings. It’s hard for me to be positive when there’s a lack of interest and I’m starting to wonder if we have a house that no one wants! So that has been the hardest part for me- putting SO much time and effort into cleaning and staging with nothing to show for it. As absurd at this sounds I can’t help feeling a little rejected. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but I needed to vent to the ‘net a little. I’m clinging to my novenas for all the intercession we can get!


(Switching to Pollyanna mode) One good thing about all of this is that our house has never been so clean/ uncluttered or looked so good! After it was staged I quickly realized I have zero home decor skills…and that’s something I definitely want to remedy when we find a new place. :)

living room


Now that I see what our bedroom can look like, I’m embarrassed to think we had more of a “college dorm” motif going on before.


Shifting gears…

I’m working on a post about hits and misses while trying to find some maternity style for this pregnancy. Even though this is pregnancy #3 I feel like a minimal, stylish, well-fitting maternity wardrobe will forever elude me, but I shall try!


And, saving the best take for last, I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Jen’s book! Good thing Mother’s Day is right around the corner. ;)


Have a good weekend, and be sure to visit the famous authoress for more takes!