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Bath & Bodyworks Wallflower Fragrances


I appreciate that they have a slew of scents you can choose from, some lighter and some more potent. The pleasant odors have been a great help around our house because…diaper bombs.


Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner (Lemon)

Mrs. Meyers

Here’s the thing. I made the poor decision several months ago of putting Audrey’s booster seat on one of our dining room chairs that has wooden armrests, and never figured out a way to keep them covered during food flinging sessions mealtimes. Also, thorough cleaning of the dining room immediately post meals? Doesn’t happen often. I made half-hearted attempts to scrub the dried food off here and there, but the grime persisted. I’m embarrassed the chair ever reached such a state, BUT no longer thanks to Mrs. Meyer! After about two minutes of scrubbing the chair looked a million times better.


(Can’t tell here but some of the finish was removed in the process- oops! At least these chairs are old hand-me-downs, so I had some future DIY work planned for them anyway.)


Shark Steam Pocket Mop

I’ve been using this religiously since putting our house on the market. It takes so much hassle out of cleaning wood and tile floors!

shark mop


Swagbucks (referral link)

I first heard about this site from Modern Mrs. Darcy. It’s one of those “earn points and exchange them for rewards” sites. To be honest I feel one has to be constantly vigilant to rack up the points quickly- checking Facebook often for codes to earn free points, always using the search tool etc. But since signing up I’ve turned points in for three gift cards (two for $5, one for $10), which isn’t much but it’s something! When I’m shopping online (and when I remember!) I check to see if Swagbucks is affiliated with the online shop I’m using- that’s definitely where I’ve earned the most points. It’s also been a good incentive for me to hold off buying something I want until I’ve earned a gift card towards it. ;)


May flowers!


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