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These first few takes are about the hams in my life, so feel free to skip past the parental prattle.

This little lady is quite the accessorizer. Hats, shoes, glasses, necklaces, bracelets…if it’s in her view she wants to put it on, and doesn’t matter the difficulty of the shoe or how the accessory looks. ;) I know this the cliché of parenting clichés, but it always amazes me to see how much personality little kids have!


Evie is very into “dressing up as a sister” lately; any chance to enfold her head in material is the best thing ever, in her book. :)


“Look! Sister Eeevie!”


So, you can imagine her excitement when her ballet class recently started learning The Ugly Duckling, which starts out with them dressing up as “eggs”:

IMAG0142 IMAG0143 (1)

Makes me laugh every time! And it makes it interesting trying to distract her when it’s time for the ducklings to “crack out of their egg shells” and move on to the rest of the dance…


Dose of humiliation for the week: someone came to see our house unannounced. The girls and I were just exiting the house to retrieve the mail when the two cars pulled up. The Realtor said they hadn’t made an appointment with our Realtor, but would it be okay for her client to see the house? Inwardly I was like:no animated GIF

The place was a mess. We’re talking cracker crumbs all over the dining room floor, clothes and toys strewn about the rooms, and the stench of a freshly changed stinky diaper wafting through the air. I was humiliated for anyone but us to step foot inside, but how could I say no when we so greatly want to find a buyer?


As if the surprise arrival wasn’t bad enough, they only stayed for a few minutes and didn’t give any feedback! The Realtor and her client were very nice, but really? If you show up unheralded to walk through my house with a critical eye the least you can do is offer a snippet of feedback! It’s too small…I don’t prefer the location…The stench was overwhelming…Something!


In other news, I’m now a contributor to a magazine…haha, actually it’s a small local magazine that our electric cooperative puts out, and there is a section where photos readers send in sometimes get published (usually pet/ nature related). Still, it was kinda exciting to see my name in print. ;)



Finally, since it’s the month of Mary I thought I’d share this beautiful quote I read recently:

St. Bridget of Sweden

That’s all. Have a good weekend, and be sure to visit the other takers joining Jen!