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Or something to that effect.

One of my goals during this pregnancy is to find some good basics in maternity clothing and fill in my wardrobe with whatever non-maternity clothing I can. To be honest, 3 pregnancies in 3 years was rather unexpected for us, and I truly don’t mean to sound flippant about pregnancy, it’s just that one of the challenges (for me) has been finding clothes in my closet that fit. I feel like I have a mishmash of 3 wardrobes: pre-pregnancy, maternity, and transition clothes.

After Audrey weight loss was slooow. It was frustrating waiting and waiting to fit into my normal clothes. I now realize buying more fitted things that *might* fit down the road just isn’t worth it for me. I need to alter my perspective when buying clothes- like looking for looser tops and dresses that I can wear more than once post-partum before they don’t fit again!

I’ll admit I’ve settled for “good enough” in certain areas i.e. my skinny jeans (seen below). My last pair had a good run (literally- the panel had holes and runs) so it was time to retire them. I decided to go with Old Navy again and sized up since I was afraid they might not fit late in the game, but right now they’re a little too big and I don’t like how they are baggy around the ankles. Poor purchase? Eh, we’ll see. Okay enough blabbering, here goes!

Favorite non-maternity purchases: this chambray shirt from J. Crew factory (thanks to Rosie’s tip about a sale!)


*Also a favorite, this maternity maxi dress from Target via thredUP.


Ancient dress from H&M


Definitely the last week I’ll be able to button it all the way down!

Scarves and loose tops:


Walmart scarf, Gap top from Twice


J. Crew Factory button down


Old Navy sweatshirt

Open Cardigan:

 Nordstrom Cardigan and Sheinside Crochet Lace top

Erika and Ain’t No Mom Jeans both recommended this cardigan and I can see why! Fit is not an issue and it is so comfortable- like wearing a blanket (every time I wear it Evie begs to wear it or sleep with it!).

*Also loving traditional cardigans and blazers– always so kind to figures (unbuttoned, of course :) ).

Not-so-winning buys:

Old Navy Side-Panel Boyfriend Jeans


The style is a bit baggy and I bought them in a bigger size to accommodate my growing figure. However, they look pretty unflattering, especially from the front as my hips jut out quite a bit on the sides (these birthing hips don’t lie) . I love the side panels, though!

Also, this linen-blend shirt and this one (also from Old Navy)

I actually like both tops but I bought each one in a bigger size so they would work late in pregnancy (ordered online), and I wish I had tried my regular size. They’re big but worked okay the 1st trimester, especially paired with a long cardi, however, they look fussy when belted over a bump (bunching all around).

For bottoms I’m realizing I need to revisit boot-cut pants, and make better use of my dresses. I honestly don’t really wear dresses other than Sundays so this will be new for me!

That’s about all for now. Stay tuned for some fav maternity purchases- paneled bottom and gathered top glamour. ;)