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I love the month of May. It’s not only a wonderful month in and of itself, but also sits right on the cusp of summer. From its position on the calendar you can see all those summer days stretched before you full of warm weather and sun. However, I cannot believe May is more than halfway over! I always wish this month was twice as long, to savor the spring-almost-summer moments.


-Our library system hosts a summer reading program every year for kids, giving incentive rewards for certain amounts of books read…and I just found out this includes infants and toddlers! (For books read to them, of course.) Taking both girls to the library isn’t the easiest task, but I think this program will be fun and entice me to chase them around visit the library with them more often. :)DSC_5627

-Speaking of which…is it just me or does the arrival of summer make you want to read more? I’ve fallen behind a lot in my reading the past several months and am ready to jump back in with renewed gusto. I feel a little embarrassed showing my face, though, (at the library) as I just paid off a hefty fine and here I am queuing up a stack of books to check out. Do librarians have photos behind the counter of repeat-fine offenders? I sure hope not. I don’t have a goal for # of books to read, just NO fines!


-BTW, if you’re searching for book ideas you may want to try this blogthis blog or this blog. Each has a plethora of recommendations!


-One local farm is already open for strawberry picking and the thought of fruit picking has me excited. Tim isn’t such a fan of the “pay to do your own backbreaking work” system but I think it’s a fun outing with the girls, so we’ll probably go during a weekday. I’m trying to mentally line up the seasonal fruit recipes I’ve been wanting to make.

This Plum & Raspberry Crumble recipe from Ina Garten intrigues me (plums are a fruit I forget about), and also this Buttermilk Banana Blueberry Bread will hopefully reduce the # of black bananas lurking in our freezers to zero. I have a banana problem- I like to eat them when they’re a little green but once they start sporting brown spots they just sit neglected on the counter until I finally think, I’ll just throw them in the freezer for when I make banana bread (which happens never). Any fruit recipes you love/ have been wanting to try?DSC_3591

-This catchy song has been recently added to my summer playlist and I am oh so ready to add some more summer tunes (please make them good, song artists).