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Evie had her last ballet class this week before the “recital” next week. I don’t think we’ll continue with the classes next year, but it was a fun experience and I’m really appreciative of her teacher. She’s so good with kids and very patient. :)



Evie’s hair has become a point of contention between us. She hardly ever lets me put it up in a braid or ponytail, much less brush it, so I have to find strategic times when she’s distracted to pull it back before ballet class.


Can you tell Tuesday’s style was a desperate attempt? I tried. Believe me, it’s a struggle letting the toddler independence take over in the appearance department.

(There’s just something about kids wearing sunglasses that I cannot handle. It’s too cute!)


Our plan on Wednesday was to pick strawberries with my sister but the patch we planned on was “picked out” the day before, so we went out to breakfast and then to a nearby farm market that had a kid’s play area. It was a nice morning, but oh my goodness- the heat! Already! Summer is here, fo’ sho’.


“We’re going to Eg-uador!”

IMAG0214 IMAG0217


We had a fierce thunderstorm the other night and I don’t know how we didn’t realize this sooner but a tree kind of fell right next to our house! The next morning as I was driving away I spotted it and immediately texted Tim. It doesn’t look big in these pictures but it is seriously no sapling. It missed the power lines and the house- God definitely kept us safe!


You can see the roots waay at the end.



View from our laundry room.


Tim’s graduation attire arrived yesterday! (Cue Pomp and Circumstance.)DSC_8682

Evie: “Dada, are you wearing a dress?”
DSC_8688 DSC_8690

Evie: “I’m wearing a graduwation cwon, too!”


The latest Boden catalog came in the mail this week, too, and can I just say it’s a good thing their clothes are so expensive?! How do people pick just one style/color when buying their clothing? Everything is so cute and colorful.

(All images from Boden’s website)


Finally, I had my ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and…












we didn’t find out the gender. ONLY! because Tim wasn’t able to come AND I knew I had to come back in two weeks for a fetal echocardiogram (just precautionary). I asked the sonographer if we’d be able to find out the gender at the echo and she said that wouldn’t be a problem, so today we’ll find out if a he or a she will make their grand arrival in September!

Have a good weekend, and be sure to visit Jen for more takes!