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Hi there, we’ve had some thrilling happenings around here lately, so I thought I’d share them while simultaneously extracting my e-self from this little blogging rut I’ve fallen into.

First off, Tim’s graduation from his masters program!CSC_8783

He and a friend went through the University of Oklahoma program together, taking classes at the satellite campus in D.C.DSC_8734

My mom very kindly babysat the girls since the commencement was in the evening.


Many of the graduates were military and some people even commuted from as far as N.C. (!). My dad jokingly asked Tim if they were required to learn the Alma Mater before graduating (they weren’t).CSC_8769

I have to say, though, it doesn’t hold a candle to Steubenville’s rousing ditty of an Alma Mater. ;)


Evie finished up her ballet class, and even though it was just a half hour once a week, I couldn’t help feeling a little pang of sadness that this first activity/ program in her life is finished. I know I’m overly sentimental but I feel like she’s growing up so fast!

PicMonkey Collage

Also, favorite quote from Evie lately-

Regarding the redness of a scratch she received from playing outside, Evie very knowingly said: “It’s from da wady bug.”

Aaand as I’m typing this she’s yelling from her bed, “MOM! I’m stinky!”. Never a dull moment.


Audrey is walking (hallelujah!!!)You cannot know how long I’ve waited for this child to become ambulatory (alright, several excruciatingly long months). Evie walked at the ripe old age of 16 1/2 months and I thought surely, surely, Audrey (being a very assertive second child) would walk much sooner than that. Nope. Walker toys be darned- my kids seem to love the crawling stage. All I can hope is that my arm muscles are getting some tone from carrying the girls around a bit longer!

Anyways, I love watching her waddle around the house and think the “walking is new” phase is one of the cutest, especially hearing her little voice say, “walking!” as she moves about. :)

PicMonkey Collage

Forevermore destined to be a blur in photos.


And as for me? My major feat has been taking the girls to the library each week, even though I’ve developed a love/ hate relationship with the place. Each trip is about 10 minutes tops of craziness with giggling children running off down the aisles, puzzle pieces strewn about the children’s section, and me heaving a pile of things I’ve haphazardly grabbed to checkout onto the counter whilst rounding up my scattered offspring and reminding them to please keep their voices down. It’s an outing, it’s free, and since most of our books and toys are gathering dust in storage, it brings a bit of variety to our lives, but I could go without the crazy library-induced adrenaline rush each week, thanks.


Well, enough about me- I hope you’re enjoying summer living and soaking up plenty of sun for yourself!