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Joining Kathryn, hosting 7QT while Jen’s taking a break, for some Friday quick takes of the confession variety…

1. This blazer, an eBay “win”, is a favorite of mine and I’m pleased with the fit and condition of it, except…a pop of neon on a garment is something one might want to disclose if selling it online. Just sayin’.


Was this put there to prevent people from popping their collars?

2. A while back I was desperately looking for a good facial moisturizer and had heard rave reviews about Kiehls. Since the price on Amazon was quite a bit more than what I was used to paying at the drugstore I decided to try eBay where I found and subsequently purchased a bottle for several dollars cheaper. But…it wasn’t sealed (seller disclosed that info) and I can’t quite shake that nagging thought that there could be any kind of cream in that bottle and I would never know the difference. And then I shrug my shoulders and continue application. Ignorance is bliss?

3. I was pleasantly surprised to find multiple listings for a favorite “almost lipstick” that had been discontinued (why must cosmetic companies do that??). Unpackaged makeup definitely gives me pause (all listed as unused, of course, still…) but because I don’t have enough paranoia in my life, I decided to order some. My logic is as follows: If I contract a communicable disease from their item, they will get a bad review. Totally even-Steven, right?


Kiss of death?



Evie’s Easter dress was another eBay buy, although it arrived with a used tissue in the front pocket. Nauseating. Would you contact the seller in that situation? I wanted to let them know, just as an FYI, to double check (or perhaps wash) items they are selling so it doesn’t happen to someone else, but just couldn’t think of a way to put it that didn’t sound snippy or disdainful, so it went unmentioned.

I don't like confrontations- T Rex, Toy Story

5. I find necklace chains to be tricky business. I’ve had several nice ones break in the past and I never know where to buy replacements, especially ones that are inexpensive. Recently I was looking around for a 30 in. chain and saw an eBay listing for said length for only a few dollars and free shipping! Somehow I missed the part that mentioned “5 chains”, so imagine my surprise when I received package containing a wad of 30 in. chains (and it was still only a few dollars- still scratching my head over that). So if anyone needs a 30 in. chain, you know where to find me.


6. This is more of an observation than a confession, but I’m mystified by how much used toddler Salt Water sandals go for on eBay- have you ever bid on any?  I’ve seen them go for nearly as much as a brand spanking new pair! Those are a hot commodity for sure; it’s interesting to observe what kinds of things are super popular on eBay.

7. I’ll pass for #7 as I think I’ve subjected you to enough ridiculousness for one blog post.

Have a good weekend, be sure to visit Kathryn for better takes, and go Team USA!!