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Beauty favs

1. Radiantly You Dead Sea Whipped Face Wash– I started using this when my face became ridiculously dry a few weeks ago. I guess it was time for a face wash change, and I came across this product at pretty much the same time- it’s all natural so I thought I’d give it a go. Honestly, delving into the world of chemical-free beauty/cleaning/everything products intimidates me something fierce. Where does one start? I like the idea of using natural products but there’s so much to read on the subject and so little time (besides, it would cut into my blog reading ;) ), and I’m hesitant to shell out large bills for small bottles or products that I’m not positive will be right for me or my family. I’m starting small but, sheesh, there are a lot out there! Anyways, the gist of this particular favorite is- I was comfortable with the price and ingredients, I tried it, really like it, and will be ordering again.

2. Remington Wet 2 Straight- Recently I made a bold move (for me) and got rid of my large straightener and curling iron (circa early 2000s?) after purchasing this straightener. I love that it’s not very thick like my former one AND that it truly straightens wet hair. I hardly ever blow-dry my hair anymore (ironically I couldn’t part with my hair-dryer even though I’m not sure when I’d ever use it again!) because its become such a time-consuming chore, and although using this straightener does take several goings-over the same spots with wet hair, I love being able to dry and straighten all at once. Plus, it works as a curling tool as well! (FYI I think it runs about $22.)

3. Trader Joe’s Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion- While my face was rebelling with the absurd dry-spell, it went even more berserk and became incredibly, horribly irritated as well. I decided it was time to try a different moisturizer, too, and TJ’s came to the rescue (as always). This moisturizes so well without leaving my face feeling greasy, plus it has SPF to boot and doesn’t cost a small fortune.

4. Living proof (Full Shampoo & Conditioner)- Sigh. Love this, hate the price. My hair is straight and fine; I like how it doesn’t feel so sad and limp when I use Living proof but I cannot justify buying it again as it is *quite* pricey. :( Definite winner for the time I use/d it, though!

5. Almay Liquid Eyeliner in Brown Topaz- It’s shocking what on-sale items jump into my cart when I’m left with ample time to peruse the drugstore aisles with only one child accompanying me. Usually I re-shelve them before I make it to the checkout and buy all the things, but I was feeling adventurous, so this eyeliner made the cut. I’ve never tried liquid liner before and I was curious to see how well it lasted (I already use the twist-up version of this shade). The liquid liner definitely holds up better throughout the day and really isn’t that tricky to apply- although I use it only on my top lid.

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