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Linking up with Jen for the usual Friday quick takes.


On Monday we celebrated Audrey’s feast day (St. Etheldreda). Something I didn’t know about the saint until a few months ago is that her body was incorrupt! (I’ve been slowly reading through The Incorruptibles.) Sadly, her body was destroyed during the reign of Henry VIII, although her hand has since been found and is currently kept in the Church of St. Etheldreda in  Ely, England.


But I cannot tell you how many of the stories in the book I mentioned above end something like, the relics of the saint were destroyed under the order of Kind Henry VIII. Isn’t that awful?


This past weekend we had family pictures taken at a lavender farm. I never knew such a place existed in our area until a cousin of Tim’s mentioned it in passing last year. We arrived there just as it opened, which was a very good thing since it was very crowded by the time we left about an hour and a half later!

Lavender farm



The pictures on the website made the lavender field seem more lush than it actually was- I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed that it was more of a large patch of lavender bushes with tarp in place all around them. Not that I was exactly expecting this:

Lavender field

image via Pinterest

Just something in between the two? But since it was just the start of peak season I’m guessing there will be many more blooms to come.


The farm also had a really cute shop full of all things lavender, several swings, tables and chairs sprinkled throughout the property, and a fun little playhouse which the girls loved.

IMAG0383 IMAG0377

There was also a large pen with adorable baby bunnies hopping around!

Poor Audrey wasn’t too sure about them.


The other day I passed an Airstream trailer for sale- I don’t know what it is about those things, but they are pieces of Americana that I think would be so exciting and dreamy to own! I just have visions of the perfect camping trip with a retro vibe, at a spic and span camping spot like the one below (and all the comforts of home, of course). Doesn’t hurt to dream, right? ;)

Hippy Weekend! Atlantic Byron Bay

image via Pinterest


I have a couple of peach and blueberry recipes tucked away that I’ve been itching to make, and since we’ve been picking blueberries from our bush almost everyday there were plenty to make this Peach and Blueberry Cornbread Cobbler (delicious!). Last summer this Peach and Blueberry Crumble recipe was one of my favorites- I’m not sure if I prefer a soft bread-y topping or the crispy/ crumbly one better (but both are so good!). Major decisions, I know.

Peach and Blueberry Cobbler

That’s a wrap. Be sure to visit Conversion Diary for more quick takes!