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The smell of salt and sand | Quote

I absolutely concur!

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Evie is passed the always amusing “sand devouring” stage and loves digging and playing in it all the live long day, when we’re around it. I love this picture of her and my brother from last year’s family beach trip. It’ll be interesting to see how Audrey reacts to the sand this year!


This one I took at a black sand beach on Maui (Wai’anapanapa). I’d love to someday stick my toes in a pink sand beach of Bermuda, too!


And, finally, my one and only time in Mexico:


Not quite a month after I moved to California a visiting friend persuaded me to drive to Mexico with her. I had just received my first paycheck, just bought my first car, and had no idea where anything was located (i.e. One day we drove around lost for about 2 hours looking for Disneyland, due to vague directions and no map. Little did I know it was only 1 or 2 exits from my exit for work!), but to Mexico we went. We drove to a place called Rosarito where we ate tacos on the beach, went horseback riding, visited some touristy shops and a beautiful church, enjoyed a Corona, and then spent the evening sitting in traffic to get back through the border. :) The whole time I prayed that God would look out for my little car while it was parked!

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