I didn’t have any quick takes planned for this week but then the events of Thursday happened, so here we go.


I’ve been wanting to read Jen’s book for ages (am I the only one who still hasn’t read it?) and even had it in my Amazon cart at one point but for some reason decided I should try to buy it at a local Catholic bookstore- you know, support the little guy and all that- or at least a small online shop.


On Thursday Tim kindly offered to let me head off on my quest during nap-time for 1/2 of our offspring. The closest Catholic shop to us is about a half hour away; I was bound and determined to come home with that book- forget the fact that I didn’t call beforehand to see if they even had it in stock!


When I arrived I headed to the book section searching in earnest for the teal (turquoise?) cover. Nothing in sight. I started to scan each shelf, even checking the “Marian” and “Apologetics” sections *just* in case a copy was sitting there waiting for me- nope!


I saw Simcha’s book, I saw Cari’s book, but Jen’s was not to be found. :( The next logical thing to do was ASK the kind ladies at the register, right? But my stubborn, self-reliant self dislikes asking for help in stores, so I continued my search.


I said a quick prayer to St. Anthony and decided to make one more round of all the book shelves. As I started to scan the first section again on the very bottom shelf (sub-category of Conversion Stories…oh. right.) I spotted the orange binding of the last copy of SOTG! Woot!


There’s a life-size cutout of Pope Francis in the store (which somehow always makes me do a double take even though I know it’s there), so after making sure I was completely out of sight of everyone I snapped a quick celebratory photo-



The hour drive home was an epic combination of rush-hour traffic (at 3 pm!!) + holiday traffic + massive thunderstorm that covered several counties- craziness. All for a good cause, though!

And that is seven. Linking up at Conversion Diary for quick takes!