Periods of transition are so difficult for me; you can’t just put life on pause and wait for “real life” to start, but how do you make a go of it during the in-between time? When we put our house on the market I was living a bit in survival mode, hoping the house would sell quickly and survival mode would be short-lived. After a few weeks I (begrudgingly) accepted that selling our house could be a long and arduous process, and although it’s a less than ideal situation I can’t live indefinitely in survival mode- there will be plenty of time for that starting late September, anyways. :)

Living with many of our belongings in storage (having very little clutter is a silver lining, though!) minimal outdoor toys or activities for the girls, and putting a hefty amount of time and effort into getting the house ready to show, only at times to have the scheduled people not show up or even call (I’m seriously contemplating starting a world-wide campaign for COMMON COURTESY AWARENESS), has stretched me to the max and then stretched me some more.

Tim and I have had so many periods of housing transition; I would love to settle down and just “be”. I crave some stability for our family life, you know? It’s so difficult for me to live with no definitive timeline- i.e. when/ if our house will sell and when/ if we’ll find another.

Some days I’m scrounging for something, anything fun to do with the girls- little things to break up our routine. In my picture-perfect mind I wanted this summer to be full of outside play-time for them in a new house, with their kiddie pool, water table, tricycle, side-walk chalk etc. NONE of that has come to fruition but so often I’m left humbled by how much joy they get out of the smallest and simplest things- eating lunch outside, enjoying a popsicle, picking berries, or choosing from a variety of coloring pages (Pinterest for the win!).

In college one of my household sisters once shared her insight into the verse “I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10), explaining that Christ came so we can LIVE life, not just get by. So that’s what I’m trying to do. I need to stop viewing this transition time as pseudo-life and do my best to make the most of this summer.

I’m grateful that we live near family; we’ve gotten a lot of use out of the water table at my parent’s house:IMAG0397


I cannot handle the cuteness.

Also, Trex decking? Best.thing.ever.

We’ve also been able to have several fun family outings. The train festival in Old Town was a big hit!


Although maybe Audrey would have been more impressed by a freight train?


And a trip to a nearby farm park was talked about for days:

IMAG0324 IMAG0332

Evie kept saying over and over, “I’m riding the merry-go-round like Mary Poppins!”.

We discovered a splash pad at a new walking mall:


And then the little joys of summer, like snacks outside:


Popscicles…with subsequent baths:IMAG0277 IMAG0270

One of my favorite moments was picking the first blueberries in our yard on thee most perfect Midsummer’s Eve!


And blueberry eating picking with aunts and cousins was lots of fun:

 So that’s been our summer! Again, I wish we weren’t stuck in the in-between but I’m *trying* to make the most of it. If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans, right?