After telling Evie it was her turn to sit in the “front” of the tub for bath time:

“It’s my turn to be in the way!”

Hmmm…no comment.



Evie (singing a song from a show): “I rary wuv to spell! S-P-L-L-L!”

Evie (patting my belly): “Hi, baby sister.”

Turns to Tim and pats his stomach: “Hi, baby!”DSC_8869

Audrey (pointing to the counter): “A-puh?”

Me: “Actually, that’s a red potato. It looks like an apple, though, doesn’t it?”

Audrey: “A-puh.”

Me: “No honey, that’s a potato.”

Audrey: “A-puh.”

Me: “Let’s go in the living room…”


After Evie spent nap-time not napping, this scene awaited me on the other side of her bedroom door:

Evie, flabbergasted: “This is just a mess!”


Me: Audrey, how old are you?

Audrey: “One! Um…yeah, one!”

After looking intently at a fairy doll given to her by a family friend:


Evie- “She has no shirt on!” (Covers the fairy with her blanket.) “She needs a shirt.”

Gradually ascending the 2nd of 3 flights of stairs (and insisting no one go in front of her), Evie announced:” Daaad! I’m trying to go!”

 Oh, kids. :)