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Last Saturday we returned from two glorious weeks at the beach in NC. The 1st week we rented a small condo with some friends (3rd floor- no elevator. I think I compensated for all the stair-climbing with fudge eating), and the 2nd week we spent in a rental house with my side of the family.

Sandy toes2


As can be expected with coastal weather, we had a mishmash of weather patterns:

Water spout

Water spout!






Double rainbow after a deluge.


Rain in the distance.


I loved the girls’ reactions to the beach- Evie’s was pretty much “run to the water with arms wide open and a huge grin”, and Audrey was like a grumpy old man when she realized the offending sand was all over her feet. She sat in her chair and kept saying, “Piggies!” while trying to wipe them off. After a few minutes, though, she was happily digging away next to Evie. :) Piggies

Also, give that kid a snack and she’s happy as a clam. This picture is a pretty accurate shot of beach-time- white from the sunscreen and evidence of her snack on her face:


And she loved to follow Evie and Tim to the water:



The week we spent with my fam was full of fun and happy ruckus (there were 7 nieces and nephews 7 and under). Also, my brother-in-law’s brother, who is a priest, was able to come down for several days, so we had daily mass for most of the week.



DSC_9632 DSC_9323 DSC_9325

Of course we had the obligatory outing to Island Delights for ice-cream:Ice cream

And there were always plenty of chilled beverages for the adults. ;)Margarita


We took a walk on the fishing pier one day and after viewing many fishing rods all in a row, Evie asked, “Can I have a branch, please?”. Well…



It’s good to be home, but there is no place like the beach. It is my happy place.


IMAG0493 Sisters



There was one teeny tiny downside to our being away (this is extremely materialistic me talking)- I had ordered a shirt from J. Crew the week before we left and got a call a few days later from them saying it was sold out. I called them back, found out another size was still available and re-placed the order, knowing it would arrive during our time away. We had our mail held while we were gone and scheduled to have it delivered the day we returned. That day there were several showings at our house and our Realtor took care of receiving our stack of mail, placing it on the kitchen table. Well, there was no sign of the package then or this past week, and after calling the post office the best I could be told was that our regular mail carrier is on vacation but will be asked when he returns if he remembers anything about the package. Isn’t that all a little crazy? I mean, am I seriously not meant to have that shirt? I’m not sure what to think- I don’t like jumping to conclusions but did someone who came to see our house walk off with it? That would be pretty gutsy but I’m not sure what else would have happened.

Anyways, thus concludes my latest saga. Click over to Jen’s for more interesting takes, and hope you have a good weekend!