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Last Thursday we accepted an offer on our house and signed a contract on another house. Crazy, crazy, crazy! After several months of waiting and countless novenas and prayers, last week found me utterly spent and exhausted physically and emotionally. We arrived back Saturday evening from the beach, unpacked and cleaned as much as we could to get ready for an open house Sunday afternoon. On Monday I kind of let the house go, as far as cleaning was concerned, since there weren’t any showings planned. Well, our Realtor came by at 4:30pm to tell me she’d been trying to call Tim all afternoon (he was unreachable in meetings), as someone wanted to see the house at 5:00(!!).

Commence inner freak-out session.

No beds made, sink overflowing with dirty dishes and a dishwasher full of clean ones, groceries waiting to be put away, Evie still napping and every single piece of clothing in her drawers + hamper strewn about her room (BTW- any advice on how to nip that toddler shenanigan in the bud?)…you get the picture.

Our Realtor is a wonderful woman and offered to help cleanup. We started shoving everything behind closed doors- I remember that she mentioned that she had put some dirty dishes in the oven, but forgot the next day when I preheated the oven and kept smelling something funny (thankfully not too much damage was done)! Somehow we got the house ready in time and we scooted out of the driveway at 5:05pm thanking the Lord the visitors were late!

One frustrating thing after another kept coming up that week- things like a dead car battery, a plastic strainer getting warped in the oven, and finding no party supplies whatsoever in the Hobby Lobby I drove an hour each way for, to buy said supplies (I know, first world problems). I was telling Tim it almost felt like no decision I made was the right decision! Oh, and many toddler tantrums + serious attitude (“You’re not my mom!” Child, I BEG to differ)- I am telling you, I felt utterly spent and was definitely not at my best.

And then two offers came in on our house. And we accepted one (coincidentally it was the showing we had to speed-clean for!) and started house-hunting. And the second house we saw we felt was “the one”, so we made an offer that was accepted the next day. I am so grateful how everything fell into place, and thankful that God is faithful even when we’re not. Oh, how far I have yet to go in the trust department, but I keep reminding myself of Pope Francis’ words that God never tires of forgiving us, it’s us who tire of asking for forgiveness.

For now I am basking in the joy of living in a place we don’t need to show or vacate at a moments notice. We’re back in our daily routine, enjoying the time we have in our little house. If you think of it please say a prayer that all our inspections go smoothly and that we can close on the scheduled dates!