Last weekend was Evangeline’s 3rd birthday and we were able to have her birthday party the same day. My parents let us hold it at their house, and Evie picked the very difficult and involved theme of “pink”. ;) Every time I asked her, over the past several months, what kind of party she wanted for her birthday, the answer was always, “a pink party!”. Easy enough! I just picked up a few pink decorations, and we were in business.

For the food we had burgers + hot dogs, guacamole, veggies and dip, chips, and my sister made an amazing fruit salsa that went with cinnamon-sugar pita chips!


We added berry flavored sparkling water to the lemonade, which tasted so good!


Thank you, Pinterest, for the cake idea. I also used regular box mix but substituted these ingredients, which I think helped add richer flavor.3 cake

I didn’t find a Happy Birthday banner, so I made one from card-stock, twine, and mini clothes pins- I wanted to add “EVIE” but, um, definitely ran out of space!



We kept the party to just family, so I wasn’t sure whether or not to do some sort of game or activity for the cousins. Thankfully, I found two different craft kits- to make a wand or super hero mask- at Hobby Lobby (just the simple foam adhesive stuff). And there were 8 in each pack, so there were more than enough pieces to go around!

wands DSC_0111

It is SO cute how excited little kids get about their birthday. Evie was beaming with every part of the celebration. At one point she even crouched down next to Ellie, her cousin’s dog, and said, “E-wie, do you want to come to my party?”.


Besides her age, another big change is her hair length! I cut it right before we went out of town, since it was so long and always getting in her face and under her arms, and I almost teared up when I saw the clippings on the floor- the longest one I measured was 8 inches! I’m hopeful that some of the curl will maybe, pretty please, grow back? And of course it turned out uneven but I don’t think you can *really* tell from first glance. :)