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Last week Evie had her well-child checkup and as you can tell from the picture she was super giddy about it:


She kept asking excitedly when she was going to get her shot- I think the combo of the Daniel Tiger doctor episode + her new doctor’s kit made her view of shots more than a little bit rose-colored. Thankfully her bubble wasn’t burst since she didn’t have to get one this time around. :)


I’ve enjoyed Jenny’s posts lately about making a beautiful, usable spaces in your home no matter your budget or your housing situation (renting, owning, squatting), and now I’m really itching to start decorating and organizing our new home (hopefully!) by mid-September. One big change will be moving from a place with one cozy main living area, to a place with a good-sized living room and a family room, as our sit-uponable belongings equal one couch, one leather recliner, and a glider. SO, when I saw these inexpensive little gems at my thrift store I had to restrain myself from jumping for joy in the store (My old soul has a serious soft spot for antique furniture)!


Folding rocking chairs!

They are sporting some scuff marks and will need a bit of cleaning but other than that they seem to be in good condition.


I also found some things for the girls’ room- a cute nurse’s cap which I’ll place on a high up built-in shelf, and I’m planning on spray-painting the mirror frame gold. *We’ll see*.IMAG0581

I promise I’ll spare you pictures of every single thrift purchase, but I have to show you this skirt:IMAG0578

Isn’t the anchor print too cute? It won’t fit Evie for another couple of years, but it seems to be good quality so I couldn’t resist!


Remember the saga of my lost J. Crew top? Well, it never did show up and after a few a few different instances of communication, I spoke with the local postmaster (package was last with the local P.O and never marked as delivered in their system) whose sole recommendation (after asking if I checked “all the places packages are could be left at our house”) was to contact J. Crew and see if they would reimburse me. I felt like I was taking crazy pills! Is taking responsibility or at least acknowledging human error still a thing? I wanted to mention the tiny, overlooked fact that J. Crew did not lose the package- the post office had possession of it last!


But I went ahead an sent J. Crew an email anyway, fully expecting them to laugh in my e-face and say “not on your life”, but I received the nicest email back and they refunded my money! That is impressive customer service and they sure have my business, unlike the USPS who I will never support ag- wait, well I’m sure not a fan of them, at any rate. It really bothered me that I was basically told, “Oh, you never received your package. That’s too bad.” from the place that is in charge of delivering all mail to the correct people, you know?


Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary and we’ll be celebrating it by going out to dinner on Saturday. It’s been more than 2 months since our last date night so I am very much looking forward to an evening out!!

One of Tim’s priest friends, who gave the homily at our wedding, was in town (yesterday), so our plan was to go out to dinner with him as a family + my parents, and then 3 of my siblings ended up joining us so it was like a mini-reunion from 4 years ago. :)



If you’re interested, here is a delish end of summer recipe for a Plum Raspberry Crumble. I never really buy or eat plums, but I was intrigued, so I tried it and definitely recommend it!

*I just used a pastry cutter instead of the food processor and that step worked out fine.

That’s a wrap. Have a good weekend, and click over to Jen’s for more Friday takes!