Earlier this summer I started using some natural toiletry products, and while some were immediate winners, others didn’t quite work out. Like this Radiantly You deodorant:IMAG0606

I’ve been happily using the same deodorant brand for several years now, so I was definitely hesitant to try something new because if deodorant doesn’t work then we’re talking major self-consciousness and not wanting to be around anyone, amiright?

Well, I gave the RY brand a good two weeks before calling it quits- it just didn’t work for me. And, see how it’s a greenish color? It left discoloration on my tops, no matter how long I let it “dry” before getting dressed and even after pre-treating my tops with stain remover plus using OxiClean in the wash!

After a hasty Google search for an alternative, I came across this article, Do Any of These Hippie Deodorants Work? Short answer, yes. But shelling out $16 on deodorant that might not even work for me? Nah.

Back to the Google search…which led me to this online article which suggested the Kiss My Face brand. I was familiar with the brand, and found it at my grocery store for only a little more $ than my retired, old faithful deodorant. It works for me, so I am happy…and hopefully not offending the olfactory system of any bystanders.



Next I plan to try out some of these natural soaps- the first one was a gift and is made from olive oil, and the next two are made with goat milk. (Have you checked out the shop of Simcha’s friend Robin? I had to hold myself back from ordering every kind, as they all sound so great!)


First, though, I need to finish off that 3 pack of body wash from Costco. ;)

Our family also tried out a few different types/brands of natural sunscreen this summer but I won’t bore you with those details since sunscreen season is almost over. Also, there still seems to be a good bit of controversy over the whole topic of toxins in sunscreen, so it’s something I’d like to look into more!

Any hits, misses, or suggestions about natural products you’ve tried?