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Linking up with Heather!


We finished season 7 of Foyle’s War a while back, so we were equal parts surprised and excited to find an episode of season 8 on DVD at the library.

I did like the WWII focus of the first 7 seasons better, but good ol’ Foyle is the same and I’m looking forward to watching more!


Rear Window

Films with fashion influence - 1954 Rear Window poster Watched w/ my 22 yr old who loves slasher films. Ugh! It was a knees to the chest nail biting evening.  Classic.


Such a classic summer movie and my favorite Hitchcock! Plus, Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart are pretty much fabulous. :)


Essie nail color Lilacism



Walmart scarves


When we were in Ecuador scarves were a staple at the markets- scads of colors, so many prints, and so very, very cheap- like $3! I didn’t end up buying any, though, partly because I wasn’t sure I could just pick one. :) Fast forward to a recent trip to Walmart where I spotted this scarf paired with a floral print one for $4.97! Definitely not high quality, but since I’ve paid $15-$20 in the past for light-weight scarves that currently have little tears or runs in them, I’m okay with that.


I love the cuteness and simplicity of this outfit:



With the temps staying high and my weight, well, not decreasing, I’m glad to find a simple and cool outfit combo that works!


Hope you’re enjoying these last days of (calendar) summer!