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Sometimes I want to chuck them right back (like the mature and offering-it-up-minded adult that I am).

when life gives you lemons...

And we had a Chernobyl sized lemon thrown at us last week when our a/c broke. In high 80-90 degree weather. And the entire thing had to be replaced (hashtag goodbyesavings). A mere week before closing on this house. And, I truly try not to play this card often, but did I mention I’m 37+ (billion) weeks pregnant? All my extremities are swelling up as if I’m dousing my food with salt, and I’m pretty sure I’ve (inadvertently) taken the pregnancy waddle to new extreme.

You know when you know the truth but you just can’t embrace it? I know God provides but having something so expensive and frustrating happen right before closing made me utterly upset and start to worry about our situation. To add to the fire something came up that looked like it could be a something that might delay or even derail our closing (thankfully it ended up being nothing!). I wondered if the sale of our house (and subsequently buying the other) would all fall through. The house contracts came together just in time and the process progressed smoothly, so hitting last-minute bumps in the road made me worry that this wasn’t all meant to come together after all, and we’d be left in a lurch.

Along that line of thinking I couldn’t help but focus on how unfair it all was. We went through a ridiculously long and frustrating process just to get into this house, then endured several challenging months of waiting to finally sign a contract to sell it, so I felt that we should catch a break, you know? And the intense heat didn’t help at all- I didn’t want to be thrust into an opportunity to offer something up!

And then I read a post on Facebook that was exactly what I needed to read. A girl I know from college shares about her special needs daughter and their family life on a Facebook page, and last week she shared about her realization that families with special needs kids are not immune to other struggles (in regards to finances, relationships, other illnesses, etc.). She wrote, “Part of my own growth has been realizing that the challenges of life are manifold, and we are at risk for all of them. [Our daughter] does not make us immune from anything, as much as I might have thought at one point.” 

There are people with heavy crosses and suffering all around me; I can’t explain why it was specifically this post that really resonated with me and helped change my outlook. I began to slowly accept, if not quite embrace, that all the discomfort and stress of our situation was indeed an opportunity to offer up/ sacrifice for others in need, and that regardless of what happened we’d still have a roof over our heads. One thing is for sure: I need to focus on being more grateful, and to constantly seek out God’s grace when challenges arise in life- it isn’t easy for this weakling!

BTW- today we did close on our house!


And on a completely different note, I have to share some of the memes I came across when looking up ones for this post:

when life gives you lemons ...

When Life gives you Lemons...

When life gives you lemons, make limoncello.