Because this is basically the state of our house:


But I want to give you a little peek at our new place! We are almost one week in to our occupation of the new living quarters, but still without internet. You know, at first it was okay. I was busy getting oriented, organized, and gaining some semblance of order to our routine, but now I am going a *little* bit crazy since internet access is necessary for several other things besides my usual blog reading and Pinterest perusing! I broke down and cried yesterday when I couldn’t even make a clear call to the Ob/Gyn office to schedule my induction date…since our cell phones run primarily off of Wi-Fi. BUT we are moved in and getting settled and life is good. So let’s have a look around, shall we?

You guys, our front door is red. I have always loved red front doors!

IMAG0690Here’s the living room:IMAG0688Dining room: IMAG0687And more dining room. Someone gave us this hutch before we moved and we also have a dark brown corner hutch, so I’m thinking (way down the road) maybe re-staining this one to match the other? Or painting it? Always open to suggestions. IMAG0686On to the kitchen: IMAG0684I really like it and am not in any hurry to change things…but the colors of this kitchen caught my eye. :)IMAG0683Here’s the play room. A little dark with the brick, so maybe a change is in order for someday? IMAG0682And backyard:IMAG0692I didn’t get any picts of the basement or upstairs, but, real quick, here are a few of my favorite details:


We will have no problem filling these spaces up. :) IMAG0685And a walk-in closet that I’m pretty certain is bigger than the bathroom in our old house. Be still my heart. IMAG0702So that is an update on our life right now. I guess I’d better get back to the boxes, and hopefully we’ll have ‘net access soon; I miss being able to blog-read and comment!