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Evie started preschool. :) It’s a few hours two days a week at a local Methodist Church, and she loves it. Her first day was riiight before we moved, so here she is in front of our old house:IMAG0673

It was hard to drop her off and walk away the first few days; I just wanted to be a fly on the wall and keep an eye on her, you know? But knowing she enjoys it has eased the transition, and it’s so cute to see her bubbly self when I go to pick her up.


Speaking of transition…poor Audrey has no idea of the change that’ll be everything once the new baby arrives. She’s been eyeing/ toying with all the baby gear saying, “That’s mine.” or just plain usurping it. She was so upset the other night when I made her vacate the baby seat, but her big sister went through the same thing, so life goes on, right?



Evie back in the day.


I took a trip to Trader Joe’s the other day because all of their pumpkin products had arrived and it is imperative that I stock up on the essentials, like their pumpkin spice coffee. I couldn’t believe how many new pumpkin products they have, though! I have to say I feel bad for people who dislike pumpkin anything because although I am a die-hard fan and love all the pumpkin things (well, mostly), I will admit come fall it is in absolutely everything.

Good question: we think so!


The past week I’ve been on a smoothie kick. I think it has to do with finally having access to a blender and that large and in charge bag of kale/spinach etc. from Costco that’s taken up residence in our fridge (how do people eat that whole bag before it goes bad?!). Anyways, it’s been fun coming up with different “recipes” and I was quite proud of my spin on a pumpkin pie smoothie that I made today using a sweet potato!


Okay, so I’m the only one who had any but I liked it and am reaping the nutritional  benefits of whatever sweet potatoes offer. ;)


We found a plethora of shells, sharks teeth, and sea glass this summer, and while we were at the beach I spotted these cute glass lamps filled with shells in a little gift shop. I loved that idea and immediately knew that’s what I wanted to do with the shells we collected.


Some of the sea loot.


But finding the right lamp was a challenge! They are so stinkin’ expensive and the cheapest ones I found I felt “meh” about (I planned to put them on our night stands). However, I happened to find some I really liked on Hobby Lobby’s website, and their lamps were 50% off!

Glass lamp

The shells didn’t go too far between two bases, but we’ll hopefully add more each year.


Favorite books of late:

The girls: Popcorn- cute Halloween/ Fall book


Me: Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes

Joining Jen with all the other Friday quick takers. Have a good one!