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We were able to come home from the hospital with this sweet little bundle on Monday afternoon. While hotel hospital does have its perks (multiple episodes of HGTV! TLC! Room service!), it feels so good to be home!



The girls are both enamored with “Baby Hei-di”…



Although Audrey is NOT a fan when her turn is up to hold her. Poor thing!DSC_03804.

On Tuesday we all ventured out together- the plan was to drop me and Heidi off at the doctor’s office while Tim took the girls to Costco. Well, we all ended up going to Costco together which went pretty well, but I had a mortifying parenting moment while in the bathroom with Evie and Audrey. As we were finishing up at the sink a lady with very short hair was drying her hands off and about to exit. Evie looked straight at her and vociferously said, “Mama, is that a boy or a girl?”. I just stared at her, stupefied and mortified and finally found some words after the poor lady exited.

They have such innocent questions, but if toddlers could only come with a filter.


I came across Susan’s heartening post via Joy on two little words that have changed her vision of motherhood- loved it and so needed to read it!


Everyday Reading is co-hosting a quarterly book link up– posting about books read in July, August, and September. I’m thinking of joining in, if I can get a post together in time- thoughts of blog posts now seem completely overwhelming! Anyway, you should join the link up too!


This week I started hanging several pictures around the house. For me the job is a bit intimidating- completely empty walls and a plethora of pictures but no idea of how to arrange everything, you know? But I just started picture hanging away to at least get an idea of what looks good where (not that I have an eye for decorating but you gotta start somewhere, right? ;) ). I also started placing things on the mantels and shelves; again, no idea if they’ll stay but it feels good to have spots that are “put together”!


The rest of this room is strewn with boxes, so I’d say the whole ambiance is pretty eclectic.

IMAG0807Joining up at Conversion Diary for 7 takes of the quick variety. Have a good weekend!