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Tim went back to work full throttle this week, so survival mode officially started on Monday…and all I can say is that his job hours are kicking my butt. He was gone every evening this week which left dinner, bath/bedtime to yours truly. All I have left to say is thank the Lord it is the weekend and give me a glass of wine!


*Mostly old pictures in this post- the leaves have barely started turning here.


Speaking of jobs I’m having mild anxiety over going back to work. The plan is for me to start back around the beginning of November but this time I’ll be going to other clinics in our company. All I’m doing is paperwork so it’s not a big deal, but just the logistics of driving to different clinics, getting used to new people and unfamiliar layouts, plus probably having to pump and get Heidi to take a bottle…ah! I just want to say, “No thanks! I only need simplicity in my life right now.”


Not long after I started back to work after Evie was born.


It’s so funny looking back on how things have changed since we first had Evie. The other day Tim and I (and Heidi) went to sign some papers while my mom watched Evie and Audrey. All I had with me besides my wallet were some diapers and wipes  (I didn’t even remember to grab my nursing cover or even one of the Aden + Anais blankets) but that was enough. That is a far cry from what things were like after Evie was born.



With Evie I was mildly terrified that she would do anything other than sleep when we were out. What if she cried? What if she got hungry? WHAT IF SHE HAD A DIAPER BLOWOUT?? I always made sure to have an extra pacifier on hand, and a bottle of formula in the diaper bag because nursing in public was out of the question!

Ha. And clearly I don’t have much parenting experience or my act utterly together now, but it’s funny to look back at where I started.



So the papers we went to sign…were for a mini van. We are there.

Right before Audrey was born we sold my little two door Honda and bought a cross-over vehicle with a 3rd row, thinking it would last us several years. BUT since Evie is still in a car seat it’s been a little crazy having to climb in the back to buckle/ unbuckle her every car ride, plus the limited trunk space means zero room for the stroller…all this to say we felt it was time to bite the bullet and apply for my soccer mom status.



I don’t know if this happens where you live or maybe we are singled out- but at our old house our driveway was only partially paved and three (maybe four?) times people came to our door asking us if we wanted our driveway paved. Our current house is surrounded by trees and already we’ve had tree removal people stop by twice to give us their cards. The other day there was rapping on our front door immediately followed by the door bell ringing- it was a tree man offering his card. Honestly, when you summon a mom holding her newborn to the door with urgent knocking only to give a business card, I can say the chances are very slim that any business will follow!


That’s all I’ve got. Have a good weekend!


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