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On Saturday something truly bizarre happened. That package that had been missing since late July (and had been given up for lost) was delivered! How crazy is that? The postman came to the door and handed Tim a package that had been forwarded from our old address- and we had to pay $5.75 to receive it (didn’t know such a charge existed!). I was (95%) sure I had not ordered any clothes in the last several weeks, and sure enough it was that J. Crew shirt I had ordered back in July.  I am telling you, St. Anthony comes through.


Missing shirt for What I Wore Sunday


We had our first “big” outing as a family last weekend!  We went to a favorite orchard of ours and although it was chilly, we had fun and it was nice to be outside. We decided to forego apple picking in favor of buying a bag of apples and some apple cider donuts (YUM!) and we didn’t even end up getting a pumpkin after our trek into the patch- too many things to carry and not enough arms- but the girls had fun on the playground and cow train. I’m all about the traditional fall activities but sometimes just getting out of the house and to a different place is enough.


The girls love hanging out with their aunt!

IMAG0893DSC_2713 DSC_2715 DSC_2728


We went the Costco route for Halloween costumes this year. I tried to steer the girls to choose one of the less gaudy princess frocks (in my opinion Sleeping Beauty was the gaudiest- maybe something about the shiny bubble gum pink and explosion of scratchy, glittery tulle?), however they both decided they wanted “the pink one” (womp, womp). I thought it was so cute how neither one minded that they wanted the same costume, though. :)

They wore them this weekend to the Halloween party for kids that our Knights of Columbus council hosts (such a cute ordeal), and we realized the gloves that came with the dresses are about 5 sizes too big. Well, that didn’t stop Audrey. They came with her dress so of course she wanted to wear them. I could not stop laughing! She was so proud of her ensemble:


I can’t even…

DSC_0550 DSC_0552


This sight greeted me as I arrived home today:


Free dinner?

Our next door neighbors have chickens…and no fence. We often look out our windows and see them waddling around our backyard fence or in our other neighbor’s yard. It’s hilarious and we don’t mind at all, but if I had un-fenced chickens I’d be worried about one of them getting run over or something!


And this little one is a month old and growing like a weed even though I implore her to stop growing!


C’est la vie.