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 Recently I saw a Facebook post with the Bible verse below, with a followup about how the author was grateful for simple ways the Lord has fulfilled her longings- even something as simple as a finding piece of furniture she had been searching for to put in her entryway.

Proverbs 1319

Lately I’ve found that it energizes me to work on little seasonal crafts (if you can call them that) or tasks to make this house a home. Our days are filled with a lot of activity that is diaper changing, sippy cup filling, and food preparing…cleanup…repeat, so it is indeed sweetness to my soul when these little projects are actualized. I love the feeling of accomplishment and having an outlet, if you will. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

I’m slowly but surely working on this gallery wall in our family room- having family photos printed and rummaging around for black and white frames.


I’ve been quite intent on getting pictures hung around the house and as a result many aren’t straight (oops!), but by golly they aren’t on the floor anymore!

And spray paint is my new best friend! I think it helped spruce up this $2 mirror and 50¢ frame:


I saw this idea for All Souls’ on Pinterest:


Prayer candle for departed family and friends.

The girls love having a lighted candle at dinner, and I like having a written visual of the deceased we’re praying for especially this month.

Bonus holiday decor:


Hard to see, but the girls had fun putting up (and up again and again) those kitschy window decals in the playroom- only ¢97 at Walmart!