I used to frequent a thrift store near our old house whenever Tim would offer to give me an hour or two sans kiddos. The last few times I came away with several things for the colder months, which has been great because most of my pre-pregnancy winter clothes ain’t fittin’ any time soon.

This jacket and plaid shirt are two thrifted pieces, and they’ve been getting a lot of use! CSC_0738 CSC_0734 CSC_0743

I can’t pass up a plaid shirt!

But not everything I’ve found recently has found its way into my daily clothing rotation. Enter closet orphan #1:


I bought this top thinking it looked a little tunic-boho-ish, however, I still have yet to wear it. You know how it goes- not in love with it when you find it in the store but- it’s so cheap!- so home it goes. Every time I see it I just pass it over for something else…to the donation pile it will go. I guess for every good thrifting haul there’s a blunder in there somewhere. ;)

What about you- do you prefer thrifting in stores or shopping secondhand online?