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Last weekend Heidi was baptized. No more heathen baby!




Since we were all dressed up I reallyreally wanted to get a family photo suitable for a Christmas card…DSC_0762


but Heidi was screaming and Audrey was having none of it so we called it quits after about 30 seconds and this was all we got.  Le sigh.


Afterwards we had everyone over to our house for a brunch and house blessing. We’ve never entertained more than 3 people in our home (now we have space!), so we were eager to host a large party of family and friends but, oi, trying to clean and bake with two active “helpers” who have a penchant for scattering all the toys and all the things hither thither and yon drove me almost a lot nuts!



Lately I’ve been trying to keep this quote on my mind:

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.


It’s hard to keep patient when housework gets interrupted every two minutes…the house won’t clean itself and meals need to be made. But at the same time diapers need to be changed, sippy cups need to be filled, and little ones need love and attention. Finding that balance is such a challenge, although I know my girls are more important than sweeping up the lunch that ended up on the floor or cleaning the shower that hasn’t been cleaned in…never. I need heaps of grace in those moments to remember what is most important!


Have you heard about Connected In Hope? I think I first heard about it through Hallie’s blog. It’s an organization that works with women artisans in Ethiopia to provide them with a living wage. They weave material to make beautiful scarves, and I just saw that Connected In Hope is now selling leather bags! They look beautiful and the totes are less expensive than Madewell’s hot bag. ;)




Well, the temps here have definitely taken a turn for the frigid. I’ve been looking at the pathetically thin sweaters in my closet and thinking that all I want to wear is something warm and thick. Forget style this winter, I just want to hibernate wearing sweatshirts and bulky, warm sweaters.


Happy weekend!


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