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We still have our Halloween pumpkins on our front porch. We never got around to carving them, so that’s how they’ve lasted this long. I guess they tie in with the Thanksgiving theme, right? At least that’s what I’m telling myself so I don’t consider it the equivalent to leaving Christmas lights up into the spring. :)


A few weeks ago we all walked over to our neighbor’s house a few doors down to return their tray (they brought over muffins when we first moved in). We all went because I begged Tim to come along- meeting new people and engaging in conversation is not my forte. Some of their girls were playing in the front yard and began waving when they spied us coming from a ways away. Evie eagerly waved back and called out, “Hi Friends!”, as she started galloping towards them. She is quite the social butterfly, that one.

Note to self: Remember to always have Evie around to help break the ice in social situations.


I’m pretty sure I’m the most impatient mom in the world. For reals. My girls LOVE to “help” in the kitchen, so I’ve been trying to bake something with them at least once a week. It’s usually a difficult time for me, and hard to let go and let them learn how to do things themselves (cup of spilled flour on the counter, here, globs of batter there…just breathe and smile) but I know it’s something they love to do and a good practice in patience for me, as well as nice quality time. I’m just not sure if I’m shaving off time in purgatory or adding to it…


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to holiday meals I am all about nostalgia and tradition. I don’t quite get these magazine spreads or Food Network recipes that embrace newfangled takes on all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy trying one or two new sides, but please have all the family oldies but goodies as well! This year I’m making the Pioneer Woman’s Caramel Apple Pie (for the first time, gulp), and Bourbon Sweet Potato Puree- a dish my aunt’s SIL always made for Thanksgiving. :)

What are you making/ looking forward to eating on Turkey day?