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Finally scrapping together a post today, so double posting with Jenna and Jen  Kelly it is!

1. I love cookbooks and this time of year I especially love leafing through these seasonal ones:

(This one has a lot of vegetarian recipes.)

Um, I’ve only actually made one recipe from each book but the recipes all sound good, and I can vouch for the interesting commentary. :)

2. If you’re looking for gift ideas that “give back” here are some gifts that support religious communities:

Holy Cross Abbey sells an assortment of yummy-looking truffles, and flavored creamed honey.

Index 3


Our Lady of the Angels Monastery makes ah-mazing Gouda cheese that comes in a hefty 2 lb. wheel- great gift for large families. ;)

3. If you’re looking for something to read for Advent, this is a great (and not too lengthy) reflection read:

4. Christmas books! A few weeks ago I was searching for some Christmas books in a used bookstore and  stumbled across this cute little book:

and a handful more to add to our stack for a book a day until Christmas. Let the countdown begin. :)

5. I keep coming back to this quote by St. Edith Stein:

St. Edith

6. Very much needed with all the seasonal craziness. I was determined to get all the Christmas shopping done before Advent so I could focus on a peaceful season of preparation with no hassles- no returns, no dealing with sold out items (or stinking eBay bidding wars!), no lines…but it didn’t happen.

Today was the icing on the cake when I drove 40 minutes to and from Costco only to find I was given the wrong photo card order and then a gift I ordered arrived cracked in two places. I felt all:

But I guess it’s all about being at peace in the midst of the crazy instead of trying to make sure everything is perfectly peaceful, right?

7. This little turkey just turned two months old- she was born and I blinked!DSC_0866

That is all. Have a good one!