Joining Dwija for her superb annual link up! It was fun looking back on 2014 through our photos- it was definitely a busy year and full of newness and changes.January2

I honestly can’t remember anything from January and our pictures didn’t have much to offer- mostly the girls playing inside. So for January all I can say is, WINTER.Feb2

And SNOW for February. Tim kept our wood stove burning away and our living room was kept warm and toasty (we’re pretty sure it even passed 100!):

We headed to Ecuador with two of my brothers in March to visit family. One of my brothers decided to come with us just days before we left!April2

We had a beautiful Easter in April, and had a lot of house projects/ renovations done to prep our house to go on the market at the end of the month.May2

May is another blurry month- we went to the National Zoo on Memorial Day and that’s about all I remember…but I know we had beautiful flowers in our yard!June2

Tim graduated with his MA! Evie finished her ballet class, and Audrey started walking (holding the record at 17 months- I just pray that Heidi is an early walker!).July2

We enjoyed the 4th with family, and spent a glorious two weeks in NC. Sun! Sand! Water!August2

In early August our house sold, we bought another one, and Evie turned 3Sept2

September was crazy. The a/c broke in our old house the week before we were scheduled to close (thankfully it didn’t delay anything, though!), Evie started preschool, we moved, and about two weeks later Heidi arrived!Oct2

We enjoyed a fun Halloween with cousins, aunts, and uncles. Evie and Audrey both chose to dress up as Sleeping Beauty and loved the concept of free candy. :)

Heidi was baptized and we had our house blessed. Then Tim’s sister came to visit us over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Audrey got sick the day of, so we weren’t all together for the family dinner at my parents’ house.


December was full of wonderful Advent and Christmas-y things. I turned 30 (womp, womp) but the day was topped off by an awesome surprise party. This picture hardly does justice to the amazing work my family did with it all- my sisters made all the food to boot!DSC_0991

It’s been a good year- full, crazy, and peppered with emotional ups and downs. I’m so grateful to be settled in our new house and for all the memories we have here so far and for (hopefully) all the ones to come. Happy New Year!!