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1. In the kitchen:

I never thought I’d be able to say this, but I made Eggs Benedict! I found a fool-proof tutorial for poaching eggs (a little unconventional but hey- it works!), a simple recipe for Hollandaise sauce (although Julia Child would probably faint since it’s microwaved) and voilà…I’m no longer intimidated by one of my favorite breakfasts.

2. Chilled beverage:


Seriously, I don’t always drink beer but when I do I love me a good stout. I ordered this at a restaurant recently and in the following weeks kept wishing I could order it again. I was stoked when I found it at Trader Joe’s! (How does that store know all my weaknesses?)

3. Snapping photos of: 

The girls enjoying our first real snow of the year. When snow landed on Audrey’s face she asked, “Can I have a nah-kin?”. :)

4. Listening to:

This song– I’m lovin’ its mellow tune.

5. Reading:

(online) Man who tried to kill JP II takes flowers to his tomb.

And I’d love to complete this reading challenge for 2015. I’m pretty sure I have a book picked out for each category, although the fact that Friends is now on Netflix is making it difficult to get a fast start!

6. Laughing over:


7. Eyeing:

factory london sweatshirtFactory cheers stripe sweatshirt

Remember when crew-neck sweatshirts were a thing of the 90s and hoodies were THE thing? And now we’ve cycled back to sweatshirts sans hood, although they’re nothing like my neon blue one emblazoned with sparkly unicorn. ;)

Happy weekend! Be sure to click over to Kelly‘s for more quick takes!