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Joining a bit late at the not Lyceum for some quick takes!

1. I tried this recipe for dinner this week and definitely want to make it again (I added less than half of the hot sauce- wimpy palate here). We eat chicken breasts a lot for dinner, so using the griddle was a nice departure from my usual baked/ broiled routine.

2. On Monday I dropped off some bags of giveaway items at the back entrance of the thrift store and then parked around front and went inside to browse. I found a few clothing items for the girls and as I was checking out, one of the volunteers came up to the register with some children’s clothes and asked what size Heidi wore (she was with me), and proceeded to read out loud the sizes on the tags she was holding…items that I had just dropped off! And I think I had purchased all of them secondhand. Good thing I was able to side-step repurchasing them- wouldn’t that have been the ultimate thrift store recycling round?

3. During the same outing I stopped in an antique store I’ve driven by hundreds of times but had never ventured into. Oh my nostalgic, vintage goodness. I could have spent hours browsing in there and saw so many things I’d love to put in our home, but came away with a few books instead. One of them was a copy of Heidi- and this wasn’t intentional, but now we have a book for each of our girls!


4. With the recent internet interest in capsule wardrobes it’s been on my mind at times when I’m getting dressed, and I think another term for capsule wardrobe could be “maternity outfits” or “postpartum apparel”- times with limited clothing options when you just need to make it work. amirght?

5. I haven’t counted out all my tops but right now my clothing bottom rotation consists of five pairs of pants (someday, skirts, someday). Two were pp purchases from Twice – these Loft straight leg pants have gotten a ton of wear and (most importantly?) work with booties, flats, and boots. Those options have been helpful!Loft pants

6. I recently read something by another mom that articulated a challenge I’ve been facing:

“The effort of finding time to collect my thoughts is the most difficult part.”

Yes! I find there are always things I need to take care of- or put significant effort into- that demand a chunk of time for uninterrupted thought or action. The stressful part for me is that (right now)  I can’t plan for these time allotments (ugh, and I just reminded myself of all the Christmas thank yous that need to be written). When Evie and Audrey are napping I never know if Heidi will sleep for an extended period of time, too, or even let me put her down. And Tim’s schedule is all over the place so evenings are unreliable. I don’t mean to sound full of excuses, just that this is an obstacle I want to work out this year, and I know part of the answer is eliminating procrastination on my end of things! (I’m looking at you, social media feeds.)

7. While I’m at it I’ll add another goal for my year: working out. Which doesn’t always work out, but this pedometer has been helping- so, baby steps so far with this goal. I received it for my birthday but only started using it last week. Setting it up and reading the manual to figure out how to get started…well, see take #6. I’m not sure how it compares to the Fitbit, but I’m happy with it so far! Also, This 10-minute video and this one have been my go-tos when I get a chance.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit the hilarious Kelly for more takes!