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Posts I write in my head always sound so much better than when they’re actually written, so bear with me here as this may turn out to be nothing but embarrassing gibberish. I’m sure you’ve read an article or social media post about Pope Francis’ latest headline-making statement; some might have been written to interpret his meaning and others written with headshakes of disagreement. This is probably over-simplified, but Pope Francis strikes me as a holy man (man, as in- human!) dedicated to leading the Church on earth and faithful to Her teachings. I saw a comment today (regarding the rabbit comment): “We’ve had heretical popes in the past…” Whoa! What are you insinuating? As Catholics why do we get so bogged down with nitpicking and putting every.single.comment uttered by fellow Catholics in the “limelight” under the microscope? Isn’t this mindset of “my Catholicism is better than your Catholicism” wearying? Shouldn’t we be working to lead others on to holiness and speaking the truth in love? I’m not dismissing instructing the ignorant or bearing witness to the truth when those actions are called for, but maybe we could, as Simcha said:

“… pick your head up out of the constant stream of gabble in the media from time to time, take a deep breath, and focus on your own family and your own spiritual life, rather than diving headfirst into the outrage du jour.” 

And it’s not just in Catholic circles. Online articles and posts always seem to be littered with rude or hateful comments. And when the most amazingly sweet and wonderful videos, like this one, get those little thumbs down clicks on YouTube…well, what is the matter with our world?!

Believe me, I’ve posted my share of uncharitable comments and gotten involved in ridiculous Facebook spats over controversial topics, and I wish I could take them all back. But I can’t. And I can’t make a positive difference by contesting unfortunate comments on any online article or blog post I read. However, I can control my minuscule corner of the social media domain, namely my Facebook page (not gonna deny it, I’m a proud FB user) and (as silly as it sounds) use it to share humor, something inspiring, spiritually uplifting, or hold myself back when I want to rant or gripe about something that gets me fired up.

I probably sound like a dippy cheerleader pepped up on caffeine, don’t I? The rabbit kerfuffle combined with Paul’s story got me going today.

You are probably familiar with Paul’s heartbreaking yet glorious story that has touched so many people in just the last several days. So many of us never met him, but from the stories others have shared and by his example of saintly suffering, we know he embraced the faith and loved God and his family with his whole heart. He was faithful to the end. He LIVED with an open, unburdened heart. I want to live like that. I don’t want to lose sight our ultimate goal!

Let’s start singing.