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One house related goal I have for the year is to organize the “art” table in the family room and the built-in desk area in the kitchen. They are both consumed by clutter and have become piling surfaces for all.the.things.

After the following photos you can never, ever feel badly again about your house being unorganized or messy. Ready?


Play-dough, coloring supplies, diapers, electronics, clothes…that about (literally) covers it.



Oh and also, this room.


It looks like the mini circus came and parked itself in our front room after stealing most of the furniture (that was never there to begin with…). To be honest though, it works for now as another room the girls can play in since we stay home so much and cabin fever is a’catching.

But eventually I’d love to turn it into a reading room of sorts- the sunlight drenches it in the afternoon warming it up nicely. My plan is to find a comfortable couch and maybe a couple of armchairs, and add more bookshelves. I’m excited to have ordered curtains this week so people won’t see straight into our home in the evening- I hate that feeling!


I feel that I have “house project momentum” since I finally finished the picture wall in our family room! I still have to spray paint one of the frames, the alignment is off, and several of the pictures are pretty crooked, but I am happy to have family pictures hung!



Pardon the uncouth nature of this next take but I have to share it because it is too funny. The other night Evie tooted a few times when she was on the potty and she exclaimed, “The gas is jumping out of my bottom!”.DSC_1383

Um, that’s one way to put it!

And another one from this week:

Evie: “I just went #1 and #3.”

Me: “What’s #3?”

Evie (matter of factly): “Oh, gas.”


One new to us children’s story we read recently is Baby Dear. It’s really cute but I did a double take the other day when I looked at this picture:

Baby Dear

I don’t know about you, but I did not come home from the hospital looking like that any of the times. Times sure have changed, haven’t they?


Speaking of dear babies, this little cherub just turned 4 months old!



Have you heard Zac Brown Band’s latest? It is so catchy; I absolutely love their sound!

And that is seven. Have a good weekend! Click over to Kelly’s for all the more takes.