Alternately titled: How to spend more time prepping crafts than your kids will spend working on them.

I’m not very skilled when it comes to anything crafty; paper is my craft medium, as you can see below. Here are a few art projects that are adorning our house this winter- prepare to be underwhelmed to the nth degree.

Snowflake ballerinas via Pinterest




Up since Audrey’s party after Christmas and will probably stay until Easter. ;)

These I made myself and I have never been successful at making paper snowflakes, so I am quite happy that they turned out half decent!

Paper plate “snowflakes”


Another day inside and multiple pleas from my girls to paint led to me sticking some painters tape in a design on some paper plates…my girls added some watercolors and done!

Pinterest Valentine Penguins via Laura.


The googly eyes on Audrey’s guy are my favorite. :)


And this thrifted, spray-painted frame has become my go-to for seasonal printables.


Linking up with Ana and looking forward to seeing everyone’s awesome creativity sparked by cabin fever!

And spring, please come soon…