Since she was a baby Audrey has been an ace sleeper- when she was a baby she would go to sleep soon after being placed in her crib at night (no fuss!), and while she’s not quite so obliging at bedtime nowadays, she still is a good sleeper (knock on her wooden crib). She’ll fall asleep easily in the car, while her older sister remains a champion non-sleeper in vehicles, and has nodded off several times while eating lunch. I’ve even watched her slip into slumber-land just as I’m handing her something she asked for at nap-time. Although she’s full of fiery vim and vigor when she’s awake, she’s such a peaceful sleeping angel while resting. It’s a sweet sight and I’m glad I’ve snapped a few pictures for memory’s sake!


Fallen asleep reading in the car


Asleep before she could take a sip



As she would say, “I just want to fweep.”